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Food Packaging for the Pragmatic Consumer

2016 is set to be an interesting year! The major trend in food (and as a spinoff, food packaging too) is the rise of the Pragmatic Consumer. People want to know what they are consuming.

Vegetables in a basket with no plastic packaging

Some examples of how we see the impacts of this are:
1. An increased preference towards clean and natural food. We are seeing American fast food chains either starting to use non GMO and organic ingredients or rapidly losing market share.
2. Food with a story – the artisan, the independent brewer who gave up his day job, the spinach king, local heroes for the community. What a treat to know the people behind the food.
3. Food with conscience. Was it sustainably and ethically produced? Fairtrade, low impact, non GMO, helping the community and all of those factors are of high importance to our pragmatic consumer.
4. Back to the future: An interest in traditional methods of food preparation, for example the rise in the use of fermented foods and sprouted grains.
5. Health & Wellness: Are you wheat or gluten intolerant? Do you follow a banting diet? Are you dairy free? Sugar free? Do you swear by your raw smoothie for breakfast? People are feeling real benefits from adjusting, simplifying & improving their diets.

Food packaging for the pragmatic consumer

MG 3487

Packaging made from plants is the perfect complement to you product if you are aligning yourself to this trend.

  • It has a story
  • It’s made from plants
  • it’s natural
  • It shows off the quality of its contents – it looks and feels nice.
  • Plant based food packaging encourages a “back to the basics” approach to waste management. Not long ago, we survived without plastic. Can we do so again?

It’s important to choose food packaging that proudly shows off the values of the food, the company and the people behind it. Our sales consultants are well equipped to help you creatively and effectively present your product within your budget. Speak to us today.

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