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Why not give a “HEARTWOOD” tree as a Valentine’s gift?

It is a gift of love to last a lot longer than a box of chocolates and can grow with your relationship.

Every tree you order comes in a small bio-degradable box with a window in order to see the tree in its bio-degradable chip-wood pot. All the labels are also made using bio-degradable paper and the accessories are carved from invasive wood. The wooden carvings are in the shape of a heart as per the attached photo.

The trees they are currently able to get are Mission Olive, Assegai, Wild Olive, Cape Ash and Yellowwood. Varieties are depended on availability at time of order. They also do citrus trees e.g. Orange, Kumquat and lemon trees. These are presented in larger boxes.

So consider giving a tree. It’s a great gift for today, and an even greater gift for the future.

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