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New PLA Tubs in Stock now

We have a brand new product to introduce. Tadaaaa: Our tub-shaped PLA Bowls and Lids.

New Clear Compostable PLA Bowls Lids

These beauties keep things cool, clear and crisp – and are great for showing off the delicious fare inside. Use them to serve up a wide range of cold foods, desserts and deli Items.

The 240ml, 360ml and 500ml Bowls can be paired with a one-size-fits-all Lid – so they’re a pleasure to mix and match, not to mention stack and store. And for large appetites the large 700ml Bowl with a separate Lid can fit it all in. 

They’re all made from low-carbon plant starch, which is rapidly renewable and doesn’t require any of the drilling, mining and fracking needed to extract fossil fuels to make conventional plastic.

These PLA bowls can also be composted after use in large scale composting facilities. Why large scale? Because PLA breaks down rapidly when exposed to the higher temperatures found in large-scale composting. If you’re wondering why larger piles generate more heat, it’s simply because they have more microbial activity. Basically bigger piles = more microbes = more heat = faster breakdown. These bowls will typically breakdown in a couple of weeks to a few months in these conditions.

And finally, PLA is also non-toxic and breaks down into simple organic compounds that are healthy for soil and plants, which clearly makes them a great, sustainable choice 🙂

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